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Mr. and Mrs. Doquet are very nice and hardworking people. Their wines are very impressive, tasty and characteristic of the Champagne region. The town of Vertus is located in the south of the Côte de Blanc and is home to many great Champagne producers such as Duval Leroy, Veuve Fourny or Larmandier-Bernier. The family even owns 1.62 hectares in the very famous Côtes de Blanc village, in Les Mesnil sur Oger, where the prestigious Clos du Mesnil (Krug) cuvée comes from. The winery was founded only recently (1974) and since 1995 the wines have been grown, vinified, bottled and presented with love by Mr. Pascal Doquet. The entire range of wines we could taste could be described in one word: harmony. During the tasting, Pascal Doquet once again proved to us that his wines are a perfect image not only of the soil on which he works so hard, but also of his noble personality.



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PMP Champagne 137
1 649 Kč

There is a significant proportion of reserve wine in a bottle of Arpége. preserved in enamel tanks to preserve freshness. It is full and expressive.

Code: 120
PMP Champagne 136
1 750 Kč

Jemná vůně s aroma růžových okvětních listů, divokých lesních jahod a dotekem citrusů. Čerstvá a svěží chuť s hedvábnými malinovými tóny a dlouhým, plným a dobře vyváženým závěrem.

Code: 56
PMP Champagne 138
2 149 Kč

An impressive champagne with aromas of ginger, anise, bark and sandalwood and emphasizes spicy qualities.

Code: 92
PMP Champagne 141
2 150 Kč

This Blanc de Blancs was aged on yeast for 9 years. The nose is elegant and rich with notes of almonds, dried fruit, citrus fruits, vanilla and butter. The palate is rich and...

Code: 261
PMP Champagne 139
2 799 Kč

  The champagne was aged for ten years on lees. This is a full-bodied champagne with a rich, creamy taste.

Code: 148_E4623D
Pascal Doquet Le Mesnil sur Oger 2008 Grand Cru Code: 596
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